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Toast Freaks!


What do you put on your toast?
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Have you ever wondered why everything is the biggest thing since sliced bread?
I've got an answer for you.
Nothing is bigger than sliced bread because sliced bread makes toast.

What does good taste in wine get you? Drunk. What does good taste in chocolate get you? Fat. What does good taste in art get you? Poor. What does good tase in cigars get you? Cancer. What does good taste in music get you? Who knows? What does good taste in cheese get you? Who cares? What does good taste in Toast get you? Happiness.

Basically, all of us toast freaks should post our favourite ways to make toast on here. Then, everyone else can eat them! (The toast, not the toast freaks) Worship of toast, funny toast stories, poetry inspired by toast, poetry about toast, toasty tidbits, frustrations with the non-toastly, countertop confessionals, pop-up prophecies, and anything else about toast are also quite welcome.

I believe that your choices reflect you more than anything else, so membership is open. Feel free to join. Member's benefits include optional membership in the Toast Clergy. Details about Grainèdism (the belief that God is manifested in the physical world in various grains, especially wheat, and can be transferred to the individual by means of processing, slicing, toasting, and eating it) will soon be available on my website here.

toast_toppings is love
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~Your Umm Dude, theleechcombers
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