hello&, my preferential toast

buttermilk bread.

slightly toasted, lightly buttered, moderate smearings of honey, and liberal amounts of powdered sugar*;

otherwise repeat steps substituting powdered sugar with cinnamon sugar.

good with warmed milk or breakfast tea.

unfortunately accompanied by the ability to feel one's teeth rotting out, but otherwise just marvelous.


* take care not to inhale whilst chewing, lest coughing fits become aplenty.
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I just joined - Iusually put vegemite or marmalade on my toast. Vegemite can also go on toasted English Muffins, but NEVER marmalade. As I've juts moved to the US from Australia, I imagine I'll be uncovering amazing new toppings.

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Okay...I LOVE TOAST!!! AHHHH! Hehe, so much so, that I have created 2 designs that you can buy on t-shirts and other stuffs!! It's soooo awesome! Hehe, so yeah, I drew this kickarse piece o' toast and made 2 designs, one of regular toast and one of "French" toast, lol. Check it out! I'd love if y'all would buy something, but not a necessity...just lemme know what you think of the designs!

Le Toast

Peace, Love, and Toasters
Sarah x

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toastaholics anonymous


my name is sarah. and i have something to confess.

i have an addiction.

it:s been going on for... oh, a while now. it:s basically become a huge part of my life, and i:m so deathly afraid that if i stop, a big chunk of my being will plop onto the floor, like a large hunk of dead skin. flaking onto everyone who comes near.

i do it so much. every morning. as soon as i wake up. sometimes i try to cut back, but i can just see it, i think i deliberately place the paraphanalia in plain sight. it... calls to me. i know that sounds silly to someone who doesn:t use. but it:s the godawful truth.

i love the process almost as much as doing it. slicing, pushing down, watching it pop up like the most beautiful sunrise in fast forward, spreading the toppings around... sometimes i can:t even wait. and i just devour it whole.

i:ve realized that this is an addiction, and a serious one at that. with the help of this community and my newfound savior jesus h. christ, i hope to overcome it.


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we didn't have any of the regular kind of toastable bread. we only had this brittle stuff my dad bought at a very healthy store. so this morning i put it in the toaster. and it toasted just like the regular bread did. and as i ate it. the toast crumbs spilled everywhere like ants running from a crushed ant hill.

the crumbs have remained ingrained in my chair and i can't for the life of me. get used to the feeling of sitting on toast.

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sometimes. when i:m sad. i stick one of those flat wheaty things called bread slices into a white metalish thing called a toaster. and then it performs a switcheroo. and out pops my toast. and i butter it up nice and good with butter, and honey, and banana slices, and maybe even some strawberry jam if i have it.

and then i munch it down like a munching muncher.

it cheers me up like nobody:s business.